|| Setup Cricut Maker Machine For Windows

The Cricut machine is the most famous machine in performing the cutting skills. Cuttings required for various household designs, structures, projects, and a lot more are fulfilled by the machine. The Cricut setup windows  machine is available on online shopping websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and all others. The customer needs to buy it from there by spending some amount of money. A Cricut machine is a legit machine in performing its tasks clearly. The setup of the Cricut maker machine is also simple as no steps are complicated. You will understand the explained steps below very easily. Just go through it. Machine Setup: A Guide

Here the shortcut to set up your Cricut machine is given. So that you will know the detailed process in an easier way. So let’s begin the shortcut setup;

  • First of all, open the circuit machine box by unboxing the Cricut setup windows
  • Check for any damage. If there, then exchange it with the same retailer.
  • Then place the Cricut machine on a plane table such that no obstruction may interfere with the working process of the machine.
  • Also, make sure that there is enough place just in front and behind the Cricut machine for safe removal of the cuttings.
  • Then Plug in the wirings i.e. USB wire as well as the power cable.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth.
  • Connect the Cricut to your machine through two different ways i.e. Wired connection and wireless connection.
  • Both these connections are explained below in detail.
  • Then download the setup file of Cricut design space.
  • Then install the Cricut design space application.
  • Finally, create your own Cricut Id and then enter it into your account.
  • For the confirmation, the last step is to make a sample cut.
  • Perform the sample cut and your machine is ready to cut any designs.
  • Now select any design from the readymade templates or create your own design and perform the specific cut.

Cricut machine Wired and wireless connection:

Cricut machine provides you with two types of connectivity. The first one is wired and the second for wireless.

Wired connectivity:

The devices such as Laptop and Pc are connected using this method.

  • The specific wire for the machine comes with a USB end and a circular end.
  • Insert the circular end in the socket present at the backend of the machine just beside the power socket.
  • Fit it and check whether it fits properly.
  • Then take your device into the closer extremity of the Cricut machine i.e. on the table.
  • Insert the USB cable into the USB port of the device.
  • Then for the confirmation, you can either download the design space and open it to give a sample cut. Or check in the devices and connections option present on your device.

Wireless connectivity:

One more interesting feature of the Cricut machine is its connectivity using Bluetooth. This technique is used for wireless devices and handsets.

  • Users just need to take the wireless device near the Cricut machine’s Bluetooth range.
  • Then turn on the Cricut maker machine.
  • There is no separate button for turning the Bluetooth on.
  • It automatically gets on after you start the machine.
  • Then you have to pull the shortcut menu bar downward and then tap on the Bluetooth icon.
  • Or else you can directly go to the Bluetooth settings and then turn your Bluetooth on.
  • Then go to the available devices nearby tab.
  • Select the Cricut device name with the model number from the list appearing.
  • Finally, click on the pair button, and if the password is set then enter the Bluetooth password.
  • Here you can confirm the connection using the design space application.

Installing the Cricut Design space application:

Cricut design space application is available for both android based systems as well as Windows-based systems. The process for both is explained in detail. So let’s go through the process quickly.

Cricut design space application for the Android platform:

  • As soon as you connect the machine to your handset, go to the play store or app store on your mobile.
  • Then search the Cricut design space application.
  • Select the application which contains the Cricut icon in green color with white background.
  • Then click on the install button.
  • This requires the internet to be connected with the internet connection.
  • Then finally, open up the application and follow the further steps below.
  • Give permissions to the application to access your data.
  • Now go to the menu bar present in the left upper corner.
  • Then click on the connect device option available in the menu bar.
  • The list of Cricut devices available in your surrounding appears.
  • Here you will see only one option i.e. your own machine.
  • Select it and wait for the connectivity.
  • The successful mark confirms the connectivity of your device.
  • Now you can give the command to cut from any corner of the Bluetooth range.

Note: You will need to give a sample cut for the confirmation of the well functioning of the Cricut connection and setup. Also, you will need to create a Cricut ID.

Cricut design space application for Windows and related operating systems:

For windows as well as the related operating systems such as Mac, the process is similar. Make sure the connection stability of both Internet as well as Cricut machine with your device and then follow;

  • Before proceeding to the installation, you need to download the design space application.
  • The design space is available only on the official website of the Cricut website.
  • Here you will need to visit the website i.e.
  • Then select the device type i.e. Cricut cutting device.
  • Also select the model name of your machine i.e. Cricut Explore 3, Cricut Maker, Cricut Maker family.
  • Then use the download button to download the Cricut design space application.
  • But before it selects the agreement check box.
  • The application is around some 250Mb.
  • Wait till it downloads.
  • Go to the download location and then open the installer.
  • Then give the application permission about making changes to your system.
  • Then wait for the installation.
  • It will take some time.
  • Then click on the setup button and set up your id using the steps provided below.

Setup of Cricut machine using the

The Cricut Id setup is nothing but creating an account on the Cricut design space application. Using the Cricut design space id you can handle your designs, create new designs also insert similar ones.

  • First of all, open the Cricut design space application.
  • Taking into consideration that you are proceeding with the setup for the first time, click on the setup button.
  • If you already have the account then simply click on the login button and then enter your details.
  • But for the new users, click on the setup button.
  • Then the personal information form appears.
  • This form needs legit information such as your first name, last name, Email address, Date of birth, and Country of residence and needs to create a strong password.
  • Then you need to select both the checkboxes present below and then proceed to the create Cricut id button.
  • After this, you need to visit the email inbox to confirm your email.
  • Then finally, the confirmation mail will reach your mailbox.
  • Finally, use the email address as your id and then enter the password created to enter into your Cricut design space account.

In this way, your machine is ready for use.